Organic bamboo soap dish brought to you by PlasticPhobia and handcrafted to help prolong the life of your soap bar. 

Strong and sturdy and helping keep your bathroom sink clean. This 100% organic bamboo two-piece soap dish works to keep your soap dry, draining off the suds and helping make your soap bar last longer. Bamboo replaces plastic and although it may seem a small gesture, by switching to an eco friendly soap bar and bamboo dish you can reduce your waste. Less waste, better world!

At SWCoast, our own zero-waste journey has moved us away from bottled hand pump soaps. We now use our bamboo dish & eco soap and we think we are saving 1-2 plastic bottles a month, that’s over 18 per year! Assuming we live a while, this simple switch has saved over 500 plastic bottles, never mind a whole heap of polluting soap product. Imagine if 5 million made the switch....

Looks great, easy to clean with our LoofCo cleaning pad and warm water. A simple switch.

Bamboo Soap Dish: An Environmentally-Friendly Home Staple

Still using plastic? It’s okay, we’re here to help you switch to the greener side. We guarantee you that our bamboo soap dish is a worthy addition to eco-friendly bathroom essentials.

At home, plastics are also commonly found in the bathroom:

Shampoo and shower gels in plastic containers
Toothbrush made of plastic
Liquid soap in plastic pumps
Plastic cotton swabs
Soap dish made of– you guessed it right– plastic
And the list goes on!
You see, the first step to a greener home is by reducing plastic usage. Why not start with a bamboo soap dish? Aside from that, we also offer other home essentials made of bamboo.

Bamboo Care 101

All home products must be taken care of so that the material stays in good condition. So, here’s how you can maintain the quality of your bamboo soap dish.

Don’t leave it soaked in a puddle of water
Allow it to dry
Remove the lid and wipe down
Here’s the best part on the other hand– even the waterproof paint is vegan!

It is nitrocellulose lacquer, which will biodegrade in the environment
Derived from cotton (not acrylic based)
Compared to wooden dish, our product is coated to keep moisture out of the bamboo
What makes bamboo the best material for a soap dish?

1.) You get your money’s worth

First, ceramic and stainless steel dishes are most probably the more expensive ones for instance.

Second, even though a wooden dish, in particular, is likewise affordable, it can go mouldy in days.

2.) Provides better grip

Our product has low edges so that the soap stays in place. Finally, no more sliding off the dish!

Outer dimensions = 8.1cm x 11.1cm
Inner dimensions = 6.5cm x 9.5cm

3.) Most importantly, it is the best eco-friendly alternative

Bamboo is biodegradable, renewable and moreover sustainable. It’s naturally antibacterial as well!

Now that you realise how much plastic is being consumed in households, we believe you are ready to make the green switch! Take the lead for a better, greener home.

Bamboo Soap Dish