Set of 3 Produce Bags, Washable, Reusable, Handmade in Kent.

Colours / designs may vary to those pictured. Where possible we try to give you a set of colour matched and coordinated produce bags in a geometric design (similar to the grey bag pictured).

Produce bags are a great zero waste option and these come in a range of sizes suitable for vegetables, grains, fruit and other bulk bought goods.

They are very compact and can be easily folded and stored making them easy to take to your local greengrocers or package-free / zero waste store.

Cotton bags are breathable, so they hold any kind of produce and you won’t have to worry about it rotting in your fridge, like it would in a plastic container. Your fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, berries, and any other type of food you choose to put in the bag will remain fresh.

These reusable fruits and vegetable bags are extremely versatile, which makes them a great investment. 

Approximate size of each bag:

L  30x40cm

M 25x30cm

S 20x20cm

Eco Habit Reusable Produce Bags - Set of 3