Switch to our stainless steel straws, perfect for people with drinking difficulty, injury, sensitive teeth, or for the cocktail that simply requires it - the best eco-friendly alternative to harmful plastic straws. 

Already angled in their design, they are ideal for summer drinks and ultimately reusable with no metallic aftertaste. Easy to clean with our straw cleaner, they can be reused again and again all summer long!


These straws are distributed by Plastic Phobia who pride themselves on sourcing sustainably and ethically sourced products. They support producers who use minimal plastic packaging and only use carbon neutral shipping across the supply chain.


Made with easy to clean stainless steel that can be reused time and time again.
Once your straws have lived their life, using stainless steel makes them infinitely recyclable.

What to expect…

Straw measures 6mm in diameter and 205mm in length and in our opinion, everything tastes better through a steel straw.

Metal Straw: A Stylish and Reusable Replacement for Plastic Straw

2018 was named ‘the year of the straw’ so if you haven’t got yours yet then grab one now! Did you know that people use billions of plastic straws in the UK yearly? Here’s how you can help– replace it with metal straw.

There are tons of benefits you can enjoy from switching to metal straw. Aside from that, it also makes a positive contribution to the environment.

Eco-Friendly Facts about Metal or Stainless Steel Straw

1.) Plastic-Free Packaging

We deliver packages that are zero-waste and recyclable.

It comes in paper-based jiffy bags
We also use paper sticky tape
2.) Reusable

Did you know that straws rank 11th on the most commonly found plastic under the sea? Just imagine how dangerous it is to marine life.

With stainless steel drinking straw, you can help save them too. Never use plastic again!

Moreover, it’s very easy to clean:

You may wash it with warm water and soap. We also offer a brush specifically for efficient cleaning.
Or you can put it in the dishwasher. It’s super safe!

4 reasons to love our metal straw:

Did you know that using metal straw can protect your teeth? In fact, dentists recommend it. If you love drinking juice or sodas, using straws may prevent your teeth from staining.
We guarantee you that our straw does not have a metallic aftertaste. It functions just like a normal straw– but it’s more stylish and Earth-friendly.
Since we already mentioned that it’s stylish, therefore it’s perfect for celebrations and parties. So take a sip of that cocktail knowing that you’re promoting a plastic-free lifestyle!
It’s available in three colours namely: sleek silver (stainless), elegant rose gold, and playful holographic colour (neon).

Important Reminder

Our steel straw has nickel material. Nickel is corrosion-resistant, thus it makes the straw longer lasting.

Don’t worry though, for anyone sensitive or allergic to nickel, you can still enjoy a plastic-free drink. We recommend bamboo straw— another eco-friendly alternative (coming soon!)

With steel straw, drinking has never been more fancy and environmentally-friendly. Grab yours now!

Our supplier wraps bunches of 50 steel straws in tissue paper with an elastic band. No bubble wrap.

The straw and cleaning brush are made in China under ethical working conditions. Our supplier offsets the carbon emissions of shipping them to Sheffield.
We do not recommend using the straw in transit due to the risk of personal injury. If used incorrectly, we do not accept liability because of the negligence of the consumer. We advise not to let children use the straws.

Stainless Steel Straw (bent)