Truthbrush Organic Bamboo Toothbrushwith plant-based bristles. The Truthbrush might just be the most beautiful and luxurious toothbrush you’ve ever seen. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s also biodegradable. The rounded ergonomic handle is crafted from sustainable, organic bamboo which is naturally antibacterial. Your Truthbrush comes with medium bristles which are castor oil based to care for your teeth and gums. Each Truthbrush is hand wrapped in tissue paper and a recyclable cardboard pillow pack. Why bamboo? Bamboo is the perfect material for the Truthbrush as it is beautiful to look at, warm to touch and fully biodegradable. The natural antibacterial and antifungal properties of bamboo mean the Truthbrush is hygienic too. Bamboo is resistant to natural pests, which means it is farmed organically. Where is the Truthbrush made? These brushes are made in China - the natural habitat of bamboo. Moso bamboo grows up to a metre a day here as it has the perfect conditions to thrive. Why castor oil bristles? The team at Truthbrush were determined to find a genuine plastic-free alternative to nylon bristles which could biodegrade. After extensive research they realised that the only non-plastic alternative is boar bristles (pig hair), which would be unacceptable to many people. There are also unsubstantiated claims of biodegradable nylon 4 bristles but in reality this is not commercially available. Ultimately, Truthbrush decided to use bristles which are 62% castor oil and 38% nylon, which means less petroleum-based plastic. Will it feel different using a toothbrush made of bamboo instead of plastic? Yes, but only for a short time! For the first few days you may notice the feel of the natural bamboo instead of plastic but soon you won't be able to imagine using anything else. Occasionally a bristle may fall out - don't panic! This is simply a sign that you are using a handcrafted brush made in the traditional way - not with bristles moulded into plastic. What is the finish on the Truthbrush? The Truthbrush is dipped in either white or grey paint, which has been tested according to REACH legislation. Will buying bamboo products be detrimental to pandas? No – The Truthbrush is made from Moso bamboo, a type of bamboo which is inedible to pandas. The bamboo we use comes from a sustainable forest in China. TOOTHBRUSH CARE Truthbrush recommends, based on advice from dentists, that you replace your toothbrush every 3 months (although it's likely that Truthbrush lasts much longer). After use, please don’t leave standing in water. To dispose of your toothbrush, please place in your ordinary bin. Over time, all but the bristles will biodegrade, leaving no residue. Alternatively, you can pull out the bristles with a pair of pliers and re-use the Truthbrush in any creative way you can. Plant canes and paint stirrers are just a couple of examples of how you can give your Truthbrush a second life.

Truthbrush Bamboo Toothbrush